Spain Postal Code Search on Map (beta)

This is an online tool (Mashup) to search Spain postal code around given place or city names and display on Google Maps.
To search Spain postal code, first enter the place/city name for which you want to search the Spain postal code.
Then click 'Search' button, which will return matching place/city names in Spain with a link for postal codes. Use the link to see the postal codes around the place or city name in Spain on Google Maps.

On clicking "Search" button, results of Spain postal code search are displayed.
The place names or city names matching the data entered for Spain postal code search will be displayed.
Select one and click "Show Postal Codes" button to display Spain postal code around the selected city/village/town.
Maximum 50 Spain postal codes around the particular area will be displayed on the Map.
To start using the Spain postal code search utility, enter some initialcharacters of the city or place name for which you want to search the Spain postal code and then click the 'Search' button to get the results.

Enter place or city name