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This is an online tool (Mashup) to search postal code of a place, address or city in Turkey.
Select the name of the Place/Address/City (in Turkey) from the suggested list.
This will display the postal code of the selected location from Turkey on Google map.
Note that the postal code may be searched with nearby approximation.
Below is the list of some major cities from Turkey, with direct link to its postal code.
Note that many cities from Turkey may have multiple localities in it, so the links below may only show postal code of central locality.
For specific locality/address, you need to select its name in the above text box.
Istanbul Ili (Istanbul)Istanbul (Istanbul)Ankara (Ankara Province)Izmir (Izmir)
Bursa (Bursa)Adana (Adana Province)Gaziantep (Gaziantep Province)Konya (Konya Province)
Antalya (Antalya Province)Eskisehir Ili (Eskisehir Province)Diyarbakir (Diyarbak?r)Kayseri (Kayseri Province)
Mercin (Mersin Province)Eskisehir (Eskisehir Province)Sanliurfa (Sanl?urfa Province)Malatya (Malatya Province)
Erzurum (Erzurum Province)Samsun (Samsun Province)Kahramanmaras (Kahramanmaras Province)Van (Van Province)
Denizli (Denizli Province)Batman (Batman Province)Batikent (Ankara Province)Elazig (Elaz?g)
Sakarya (Sakarya Province)Gebze (Kocaeli Province)Sivas (Sivas Province)Tarsus (Mersin Province)
Trabzon (Trabzon Province)Manisa (Manisa Province)Balikesir (Bal?kesir Province)Adiyaman (Ad?yaman)
Esenyurt (Istanbul)KirikkaleOsmaniyeCorlu (Tekirdag Province)
Kocaeli (Kocaeli Province)Kutahya (Kutahya Province)Corum (Corum Province)Siverek (Sanl?urfa Province)
Isparta (Isparta Province)Aydin (Ayd?n Province)Iskenderun (Hatay Province)Antioch (Hatay Province)
Viransehir (Sanl?urfa Province)Usak (Usak Province)AksarayKiziltepe (Mardin Province)
Afyonkarahisar (Afyonkarahisar)Inegol (Bursa)Tokat (Tokat)Edirne (Edirne Province)
Tekirdag (Tekirdag Province)Karaman (Karaman Province)Nazilli (Ayd?n Province)Ordu (Ordu Province)
Siirt (Siirt Province)Erzincan (Erzincan Province)Alanya (Antalya Province)Turhal (Tokat)
Bandirma (Bal?kesir Province)Turgutlu (Manisa Province)ZonguldakGiresun (Giresun Province)
KarabukBolu (Bolu Province)Ceyhan (Adana Province)Manavgat (Antalya Province)
Kirsehir (K?rsehir Province)Polatli (Ankara Province)Bafra (Samsun Province)Rize (Rize)
Eregli (Konya Province)Agri (Agr? Province)Ercis (Van Province)Nigde (Nigde)
Luleburgaz (K?rklareli Province)Korfez (Kocaeli Province)Nusaybin (Mardin Province)Salihli (Manisa Province)
EregliKozan (Adana Province)Yozgat (Yozgat Province)Canakkale (Canakkale Province)
Patnos (Agr? Province)Akhisar (Manisa Province)Amasya (Amasya Province)Mus (Malatya Province)
Nizip (Gaziantep Province)Kilis (Kilis Province)Fatsa (Ordu Province)Cizre (S?rnak Province)
Bingol (Bingol Province)Elbistan (Kahramanmaras Province)Hakkari (Hakkari Province)Unye (Ordu Province)
KarsMidyat (Mardin Province)Nevsehir (Nevsehir)Silifke (Mersin Province)